Color Me: Green

Emerald, lime, forest  – the color green in all its hues is a beautiful one.  We love a full length emerald green as much as we do a subtle pop of green in the form of a sparkly bracelet.   There is something equally elegant and playful about the color green that makes it versatile and very wearable.  We’ve been scouring the blogosphere to share some of our favorite looks…

 photo Green-WEndyEDITED_zps63bf103b.jpg
Wendy’s Lookbook


 photo Green-VivaLuxuryEDITED_zps4b734204.jpg
Viva Luxury


 photo Green-HappliyGreyEDITED_zpsa48e8ca3.jpg
Happily Grey


 photo Green-SongofStyleEDITED_zpsa68d0230.jpg
Song of Style


Want to shop the look?  Here are some of our fav green beauties from Bloggers Closet…


 photo Green1_zps59f3b732.jpg
Lime Green Blouse  – $6  |  Olivia + Joy Satchel – $50


 photo GreenC2_zpse726561c.jpg
Green Embellished Bangle  – $30  |  Emerald Forever 21 Dress – $9

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AUTHOR: Jessica Derrick

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