Lovely Layers

We love a layered look. Not only is layering a way to inject some playfulness when you are putting together an outfit, but the finished look is always chic, without looking too polished. If you haven’t had much experience with layering your ensemble, start with layering a few items in a similar colour or tone and choose pieces of a similar, soft texture. Then as you gain more confidence, play with pattern and texture and see how creative you can be! Happy layering…

 photo Layered-HapilyGreyEDITED_zpseff87865.jpg
Happily Grey


 photo Layered-SincerelyJulesEDITED_zps6fef3f4a.jpg
Sincerely Jules


 photo Layered-SongofStyleEDITED_zpsfcc6a6b9.jpg
Song of Style


Just for fun, we’ve put together some layered outfits from the items available on Bloggers Closet…have a try yourself and see what combinations you can come up with:


 photo Layering2_zps9e01c40d.jpg
These Jeans ($14) + This Blouse ($5) + This Jumper ($25)

 photo Layering1_zpsfd054dd1.jpg

This Dress  ($16) + This Shirt ($18) + This Cardigan ($12)

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AUTHOR: Jessica Derrick