Summer Sandals

A pair of summer sandals when the weather is warm is a no brainer. Comfortable, cool and chic these shoes are everything you are looking for at this time of year. But wearing the same pair every day will never do. You will, of course, require different pairs for different occasions so we’ve decided to narrow the choice down for you.
Here are the 5 Summer Sandals you won’t be able to live without this season:


{One} The White Sandal
{Two} The Metallic Slide
{Three} The Studded Gladiator
{Four} The Birkenstock
{Five} The Jewelled Sandal


 photo SHOES-DAMSELINDIOR_zps1433fa8a.jpg
Damsel in Dior


 photo Shoes-TheyAllHateUsEDITED_zps66b1a6e5.jpg
They All Hate Us


 photo sandals-dashofdarlingEDITED_zpscf4d1361.jpg
A Little Dash of Darling


 photo Shoes-ThisTimeTomorrowEDITED_zpse8c8ed8a.jpg
This Time Tomorrow


 photo Shoes-SeamsforadesireEDITED_zps89b3ad49.jpg
Seams for a Desire

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AUTHOR: Jessica Derrick

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