Black Sunglasses

Black sunglasses have long been a must have item for any fashionista.  They are they ultimate accessory, adding a certain air of grace and glamour as soon as you slip them on.  Think of Audrey Hepburn in that iconic scene at Breakfast at Tiffanys – those sunglasses! We love an oversized pair for added drama, the classic wayfarer for casual chic or a slightly winged pair for retro glam.  One thing is for certain, purchasing a pair of black sunglasses is a style investment you will never regret. We’ve been on the search for a few pairs of black sunglasses we’d like to add to our collection…

Black Sunglasses - Make Life Easier
Make Life Easier


Black Sunglasses - A little dash of Darling
A Little Dash of Darling


Black Sunglasses - Seams for a Desire
Seams for a Desire


Black Sunglasses - This Time Tomorrow
This Time Tomorrow


Black Sunglasses - Le Fashion
Le Fashion

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AUTHOR: Jessica Derrick

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