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Please meet 28-year-old Cassidy June, from O My Darlings (you can follow her on Instagram) who we are delighted to feature as our Glam Girl today.  Cassidy has a beautifully feminine style which is interspersed with simple, classic items and she holds the firm belief that it is always time for sequins and polka dots.  Whatever she wears, she manages to look completely comfortable and completely glam all at once – which is what we love most about her!  Cassidy has a very personal take on what style means and we couldn’t be happier that she is sharing some of her insights with us today…

Glam Girl - Cassidy - Oh My Darlings

What motivated you to start your blog?
My blog is really just a personal journal with pictures and videos. I started it because I wanted a way to capture stories and adventures with our daughter, something I could show her one day. Once in awhile I’ll do a style or fashion related post, I think it’ll be funny to look back one day and see what I was into. I imagine one day Rylie will be scrolling through and I’ll hear her go “EW mom, I can’t BELIEVE you thought that was cool.”

Who are your style icons?
I don’t really follow a lot of “celebrities” for their style. I think the most stylish people out there are bloggers, which is why I love the idea of this site. The girls that I find the most stylish are also moms, because I think that once you become a mom your style totally transforms, and I find myself able to relate to them. Taylor Sterling (a good friend), Joy Cho, Naomi Davis…these gorgeous mamas that share little bits of their world with us via blogging are total icons in my mind.

Glam Girl - Cassidy - Oh My Darlings

What items do you always carry in your handbag?
Honestly, I just looked and this is what I found: baby wipes, lip gloss, my wallet, my cell phone, crayons, HONEST hand sanitizer, and a miniature disco ball (really).

What is the best beauty trick you’ve ever learned?
How to do a perfect ballerina bun with a sock! I swear, it’s the perfect way to put up “not so clean” hair, and still have people think you spent hours getting ready! Also, I warm up my eyelash curler A LITTLE with a blowdryer (not hot, just warm, please do not burn off your eyelashes!) and it keeps my eyelashes curled all day.

Glam Girl - Cassidy - Oh My Darlings

Tell us… what is something not many people know about you?
I’m a full time PhD student, and commute 2 hours to school and 2 hours back twice a week. I actually enjoy the commute, it’s the only time I get to pleasure read (thank goodness for audio books!).

What are your favorite prints or colors to mix? Do you have any tips?
I am so obsessed with metallics (gold, silver, champagne). Sometimes I wonder if I go a little overboard with them, but then I tell myself “Nahhh! You can never have too much gold!” I love mixing polka dots with anything, in my mind they are a neutral :) I think that fashion is so personal, and that we should allow ourselves to wear what we love. For instance, I love sequins, but I also love comfy tee’s. I’d wear a comfy tee with sequin pants or a sequin skirt any day of the week, why not?!

Glam Girl - Cassidy - Oh My Darlings

When you need a little pick-me-up, how do you add sparkle to your life and feel good?
I love having fresh flowers in our home, polish on my nails (which definitely means owning the polish since manicure are rare and I’ll need to touch it up), glitter glue projects with my daughter, and wearing sequins indoors on a rainy day. I also love to dance, in our kitchen with our daughter, with socks on so we can slide around. Those are the things that make me smile.

How do you start your day? Do you have a morning routine?
I start my day with my daughter, getting her ready and fed. I don’t even usually brush my teeth or wash my face until she is settled in with a project or game. I try to do my hair and add a little gloss on my days that I’m at home and not at school, it makes me more energized to get out and explore with her. I’ll be the first to admit though that sometimes she is dressed to the nines and I am still in sweats at our playdates. Those are the days my sock bun comes in handy.

Glam Girl - Cassidy - Oh My Darlings

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