Feeling – Pretty

Feeling – Pretty:  There are often days when a feminine, girlish look is just what we are searching for.  Something light and floaty like a pale pink pleated skirt, a floral leather jacket or a long and airy maxi dress.  Or if you are pushed for time, a bow in your ponytail will have you feeling pretty in just a few seconds.  We’ve been searching high and low for our favorite pretty ensembles and have discovered these beauties…

 photo Pretty-GaryPepperEDITED_zpscf1ac008.jpg
Gary Pepper


 photo Pretty-SongofStyleEDITED_zpsc06fe083.jpg
Song of Style


 photo Pretty-DashofDarlingEDITED_zpsd64f1586.jpg
A Little Dash of Darling


 photo Pretty-PinkPeoniesEDITED_zpsbc76767e.jpg
Pink Peonies


 photo pretty-littleblackbootsEDITED_zpsfdf5ce65.png
Little Black Boots


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When you’re feeling pretty and need an ensemble to suit, Bloggers Closet has you covered…

 photo PrettyCollage_zps007f266d.jpg

Pastel Watercolor Dress ($35) | Pink ASOS Midi Skirt ($30) | Wallis Floral Dress ($20)

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