Iconic Item – The Tulle Skirt

Iconic Item – The Tulle Skirt: Ever since Carrie Bradshaw graced our screens in the opening credits of Sex and The City, the tulle skirt has become somewhat immortalised into fashion history.  Impossibly feminine, a tulle skirt has us dreaming of ballerinas and everything girly.  Allow the tutu to be the star of your ensemble by pairing it with a basic tee or turtleneck.  We also adore the contrast of a leather jacket if the weather calls for it.  One thing is for certain, whichever way you style it, you can be sure you’ll be making a memorable statement.  We’ve been searching high and low for our favorite tutu looks for inspiration.  Tell us, which is your favorite combination?

Iconic Item - The Tulle Skirt - Lovely Pepa
Lovely Pepa


Iconic Item - The Tulle Skirt - Walk in Wonderland
Walk In Wonderland


Iconic Item - The Tulle Skirt - Seams For A Desire
Seams For A Desire


Iconic Item - The Tulle Skirt - Cotton & Curls
Cotton & Curls


Iconic Item - The Tulle Skirt - Make Life Easier
Make Life Easier


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