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Must Have - Messenger Bag - Bloggers Closet

Must Have – Messenger Bag

Must Have – Messenger Bag: You know how much we love an accessory that is as practical as it is chic.  That is why we are pausing for a moment to consider all that is brilliant about the messenger bag.  Great for travelling to other countries as your valuables remain safely out of reach, and the different compartments ensure the contents of your bag always remain in order. This is one piece of arm candy that is wise to invest in!  A messenger bag looks fantastic in classic black, however we also adore a bold color or pattern for an instant statement maker. We’ve been on the lookout for our favorite versions of this practical and stylish accessory. Tell us, which color messenger would you most like to have in your bag collection?

Must Have - Messenger Bag - Native Fox
Native Fox


Must Have - Messenger Bag - The Fashionista's Diary
The Fashionista’s Diary


Must Have - Messenger Bag - Wendy's Lookbook
Wendy’s Lookbook


Must Have - Messenger Bag - Happily Grey
Happily Grey


Must Have - Messenger Bag - Always Judging  Always Judging

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AUTHOR: Jessica Derrick

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