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Color Me - Powder Blue - Bloggers Closet

Color Me – Powder Blue

Color Me – Powder Blue: Sometimes when it’s cold outside, it is wise to wear a color that’s soft and pretty to lighten your look and make you feel good about it! Powder blue, baby blue, pastel blue: whatever you call it, a pale blue shade is delightfully fresh for this time of year, and makes a definite statement in a sea of grey and black. It’s impossibly delicate, yet creates a look that is sharp and eye catching – especially when worn in the style of a long coat, a full dress or a blazer. We’ve been on the hunt for some pastel blue hues to swoon over. Tell us, which is your favorite look?

Color Me - Powder Blue - Viva Luxury
Viva Luxury


Color Me - Powder Blue - Lemon Stripes
Lemon Stripes


Color Me - Powder Blue - They All Hate Us
They All Hate Us


Color Me - Powder Blue - Pink Peonies
Pink Peonies


Color Me - Powder Blue - Gal Meets Glam
Gal Meets Glam

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AUTHOR: Jessica Derrick

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