Color Me – Marle Grey

Color Me – Marle Grey: We couldn’t think of anything quite as cozy and comfortable looking as a wardrobe item in marle grey. Think of a cashmere sweater, a classically cut tee or a long winter coat – all deliciously gorgeous in this subtle grey.  The mottled, simple shade looks beautifully stylish in any number of settings, but what we love most about this color is that it is completely casual yet at the same time, completely chic. We’ve been on the lookout for our favorite marle grey ensembles and the following ladies are inspiring us. Tell us, which outfit would you most like to have hanging in your wardrobe?

Color Me - Marle Grey - Harper & Harley
Harper & Harley


Color Me - Marle Grey - See Want Shop
See Want Shop


Color Me - Marle Grey - Viva Luxury
Viva Luxury


Color Me - Marle Grey - Make Life Easier
Make Life Easier


Color Me - Marle Grey - Devon Rachel
Devon Rachel


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Look no further than Bloggers Closet for a stunning selection of marle grey items…

 photo GreyCollage_zpsb3e8d980.jpg
Drape Front Cardigan ($7) | Cute sweater with Roll Neck ($20) | Embellished Two-Tone Sweater ($35)


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