Must Have – Skater Skirt

Is there anything quite as cute as a skater skirt and tights in the cold weather? We think not! This sweet and simple item will allow you to make the perfect transition from Fall into Winter. Want to know how? Pair a skater skirt with tights, ballet flats and a cute colored pea coat for a classic combination that is sure to make a statement. Or why not try it with a turtleneck sweater and thigh high boots with tights for a don’t-mess-with-me look that’s daring and chic.

We’ve been seeing quite a few fabulous bloggers in our favorite cold weather skirt. Tell us, how would you style a skater skirt this Winter?

Must Have - Skater Skirt - Crystalin Marie
Crystalin Marie


Must Have - Skater Skirt - Penny Pincher Fashion
Penny Pincher Fashion


Must Have - Skater Skirt - A Lacey Perspective
A Lacey Perspective


Must Have - Skater Skirt - My Silk Fairytale
My Silk Fairytale


Must Have - Skater Skirt - A Little Dash of Darling
A Little Dash of Darling


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Love the skater skirt as much as we do? We thought so!
Luckily Bloggers Closet has a range of cute-as-a-button ones available just a click away…

 photo Skatercollage_zps83c455d1.jpg
Mango Textured Skater Skirt  | Black Skater Skirt  | Sky Blue Skater Skirt


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