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The Edit: Fashion Blog Faves - Bloggers Closet

The Edit: Fashion Blog Faves

Just like that, the week of Christmas is upon us! We hope you have been having a beautiful holiday season so far. We have been so impressed with the style posts published in the past week – thank you for the endless supply of gorgeous inspiration! We have cast our discerning eyes over the fashion week that was and selected a few images from around the blogosphere to share.

To begin, we have Atlantic Pacific in an uber glam ensemble that combines two of our favorites – feathers and femininity – isn’t she gorgeous? A classic weekday uniform from Harper and Harley proves that getting back to basics is anything but drab, while a stunning floral dress styled by Sincerely Jules is punctuated perfectly by a pair of metallic oxfords.

Pink Peonies stars in a fabulously festive ensemble that combines, sparkle, green and Valentinos – of course! Finally, a sweet and simple lace dress paired with over-the-knee leather boots is pretty beyond words from Gal Meets Glam.

Tell us, which is your fashion blog fave? Which of these looks do you love the most?

The Edit: Fashion Blog Faves - Atlantic Pacific
Atlantic Pacific


The Edit: Fashion Blog Faves - Harper & Harley
Harper & Harley


The Edit: Fashion Blog Faves - Sincerely Jules
Sincerely Jules


The Edit: Fashion Blog Faves - Pink Peonies
Pink Peonies


The Edit: Fashion Blog Faves - Gal Meets Glam
Gal Meets Glam

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AUTHOR: Jessica Derrick

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