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Are you a blogger with an overflowing closet?  It’s time to start selling (so you can make way for new additions!).

Closets are available on application, this ensures the site remains authentic… we’re all about bloggers! Once your application has been approved, you will receive your closet space and a unique URL. Your custom closet includes everything you need to sell your fashion and promote your blog!

Cash in your closet, it’s never been easier! In a few quick clicks of your mouse, your listing will be live.  You have the flexibility to sell items via Auction or Buy Now to a global audience across the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, France, Italy, Japan and China.

It’s always free to list items on Bloggers Closet. Once your item has sold and been paid for, a commission fee of 20% is deducted and you will receive immediate payment directly from the Buyer into your PayPal account. There’s no waiting time or hassle to get your money, it’s in your pocket straight away – all done with the security and convenience of PayPal.

Your closet is also an amazing way to promote your blog, network with other bloggers, meet new readers and share your style with like-minded people who simply love fashion!

There’s nothing else like Bloggers Closet – apply now to join the community…

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