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Item Description:

This J Crew 2013 jewelled neck sweater is definitely guaranteed to amp up your casual wear!

Bought from J Crew online, the short-sleeve sweatshirt has been worn about 3 times. Looking to pass along to someone who can give it the wear it deserves!

Fair warning about this sweater: as with most jewelled clothing I have owned, the jewels do tend to come loose. There is currently one loose jewel on the front of the sweater. Also, as the sleeves have jewels on the cuffs, they caught in the material on the sleeves, leaving some pilling in the material. Please see the pictures and ask any questions you may have. When you are wearing the sweater, these are not evident as your arms are down.

Shipping Details:

United States: $12.00 (Canada Post, Ground (Usually 5-10 Business Days))

Canada: $12.00 (Canada Post, Ground (Usually 5-10 Business Days))


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