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The Embellished Jacket

An embellished jacket is a statement wardrobe item that is worth the investment. Such a piece calls to old world travels, jewels and silks of times gone by. Bold yet intricate, structured and fitted – an bejewelled jacket is a beautiful statement and a sure way to stand out in style.  The key to styling a piece that demands so much attention is to pare back the remainder of your look. Try teaming with basics such as skinny jeans and a v-neck sweater, or over a black skater dress with tights for an ensemble that is classically elegant and refined. We have been on the lookout for inspiration on how to style this stunning wardrobe piece. Tell us, which is your favorite combination?

Embellished Jacket - Kayture


Embellished Jacket - Song of Style
Song of Style


Embellished Jacket - Tooth Fairy Fashion Tale
A Tooth Fairy Fashion Tale


Embellished Jacket - Lovely Pepa
Lovely Pepa


Embellished Jacket - Sequins & Stripes
Sequins & Stripes

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AUTHOR: Jessica Derrick
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