Pattern Play – Polka Dot

Pattern Play – Polka Dot: It was Marc Jacobs who said ‘I never met a polka dot I didn’t like’ and we couldn’t agree more! We love this pattern for its cute and playful agenda that never goes amiss. Whether you decide to style a full polka dot romper or prefer a more subtle inclusion in the form of a pencil skirt – you can be sure you will be turning heads for all the right reasons! Perfect for mixing prints, this pattern is gorgeous when teamed with leopard print or a bold horizontal stripe.  We’ve been searching high and low for our favorite polka dot ensembles. Tell us, which look do you like the best?

Pattern Play - Polka Dot - Extra Petite
Extra Petite


Pattern Play - Polka Dot - nuSophisticate


Pattern Play - Polka Dot - A Lacey Perspective
A Lacey Perspective


Pattern Play - Polka Dot - Be Frassy
Be Frassy


Pattern Play - Polka Dot - Seersucker & Saddles
Seersucker & Saddles


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