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Must Have: Aviators

A pair of aviator sunglasses are an essential wardrobe item for any fashionista… especially as the temperature continues to rise.  They can take your look from drab to cool and casual just by slipping them on.   We like the classic black lens for its versatility, but we love the mirrored colored variety for injecting a playful edge, with a certain nod to the 80’s.  Know one thing – you can’t go wrong whichever style you choose…

 photo Aviators-LittleDashofDarlingEDITED_zpsfdad79e1.jpg
A Little Dash Of Darling


 photo Aviators-PinkpeoniesEDITED_zpsc2eb709a.jpg
Pink Peonies


 photo aviators-styleelixirEDITED_zps8e3872ec.png
Style Elixir


 photo Aviators-SongofStyleEDITED_zps5160c088.jpg
Song of Style


 photo Aviators-SincerelyJulesEDITED_zps0c766360.jpg
Sincerely Jules

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AUTHOR: Jessica Derrick

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Chic in Shades

When putting together the perfect outfit, we often give so much thought to glam statement necklaces, earrings, bangles, lipstick colors and shoes… but what about sunglasses?

The right pair of shades can instantly make your outfit.  Think aviators for instant cool, boho-chic or stylish glossy black sunglasses for ultimate sophistication. Need a little inspiration? Look no further…

 photo SincerelyJoulesBlogSunglasses_zpsa6d6a2ba.jpgSincerely Jules


 photo GalMeetsGlamJuliaEngelBloggreen10-1-of-1_zps669cc80a.jpg
Gal Meets Glam


 photo PinkPeoniesRachParcellBlogceline-sunglasses-pink-peonies-fashion-blog_zps43267e56.jpg
Pink Peonies


 photo AtlanticPacificBlairEadieBlogLookbook_SY-42_zps2a92ebea.jpg
Atlantic Pacific


 photo CupcakesandCashmereBlogEmilySchumanstripe3_zps52d538cd.jpg
Cupcakes and Cashmere

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AUTHOR: Lauren Slade

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